Monday, October 27, 2014

Christmas Tree EZ Rotating, As good as my original 15 year old revolving stand in my opinion

A previous week. I'm looking for information on the Christmas Tree EZ Rotating Stand, so i have to tell.

Christmas Tree EZ Rotating Stand

The Rotating Artificial Christmas Tree Stand slowly rotates 360 degrees to display all sides of your Christmas tree turning your tree into a beautiful display of light and decoration. Use up to 2000 Mini Lights Light plugs built into the stand keep wires from getting tangled. Control box has two switches one for turning on lights and one for rotation. Also perfect for stringing .... Read more or Check Price

Comments from other users

good product. I did a lot of careful research before deciding on this product. I have read most of the reviews of the customers and has made comparisons on other websites before you decide ... by moley_

Love to see the shaft turning something magical about a tree moving in the Christmas season by Carl R. Tucker

I bought this as a back up. Tested at the end of the season for a backup. great job by NSR

Enjoy our Christmas tree more than ever with lights and ornaments. Just sit here and watch the tree turn and no more than one side ever seen. by robert h cormier


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